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  1. Are you planning to do a Vixx Giveaway perhaps? I would really like to win for the first time, I saw your post and I saw that you got Leo, my bias is Leo actually but unfortunately I didn’t got him :(

  2. Hi! I’m an incoming KGSP scholar and working on preparing everything to go to Korea. Have you already switched from your D-4 visa to your D-2 visa? If so, did you need to present any additional documents in Korea (birth certificate, transcript, etc.)? I’m trying to figure out if I should have all my official documents translated and apostilled before I go to Korea since it seems like it will be harder to do from abroad.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there!
      The only documents that are asked to be translated and apostilled are your diploma and transcript. Note that depending on your major university, you may have to SUBMIT your apostilled diploma/transcript or at least an official copy if your originals are unique and one-time issued. Make sure to confirm with your major university.
      As for the visa changed, as stated in the KGSP guidebook, you will only need:
      The D2 visa application form
      Money for the administrative fees
      Certificate of admission to your major university
      The KGSP letter of invitation

  3. Can examinations be given in English medium if we study in South Korea through scholarships like KGSP or individual university scholarships?
    Thank-you :)

    1. That completely depends on the courses, major and university you choose and is completely independent of any scholarship. For example, the Masters in International Studies at Yonsei has enough English courses to pick from for you to have all your examinations in English. However, the Masters in Big Data Analysis at Ewha only has 1-2 English courses out of the whole curriculum and therefore, most exams will probably be in Korean.

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